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Navigating ADHD in Adulthood

Most adults with ADHD already know WHAT to do  to improve their life...

 the real challenge lies in DOING what you need to do, even the things you want to do! 

You might be thinking, "I've come this far—why bother now?" But living with untreated adult ADHD can lead to chronic stress, strained relationships, low self-esteem, and missed opportunities, which affects both you and those around you. Going through life without knowing about ADHD, you developed ways to cope that may leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or trying to cover up with perfectionism. You hide your true self, feeling burdened by shame and guilt, and constantly feeling like you're falling short of your own expectations.

But does counselling really help? 

Yes!- Medication or Not! 

Let's work together- and bulid a life that functions for you, instead of against you! 

ADHD specfic counselling can make a real difference in various areas of your life:

  • Getting Organized and Managing Time: Learn simple techniques to keep your space tidy and your schedule on track.

  • Prioritizing Tasks: Find out how to tackle tasks in a way that reduces that overwhelming feeling.

  • Regulating Emotions: Get tools to help you manage your emotions, prevent outbursts, and reduce emotional hangovers.

  • Improving Communication: Enhance your communication skills to build better relationships.

  • Building Self-Compassion for Long Term Growth: Learn to be kinder to yourself, manage emotional challenges, and build resilience.

How I Can Support You 

As a certified ADHD counsellor with lived experience of ADHD, I offer personalized support to tackle your unique challenges. 

  • Tailored Counselling: Our one-on-one sessions will focus on how ADHD specifically impacts your life.

  • Streamlined Solutions: I’ll help you find effective strategies that save you time and energy.

  • Actionable Plans: We’ll break down your goals into manageable steps, with compassionate accountability to keep you motivated.

  • Understanding ADHD: I’ll provide clear, accessible information about ADHD, helping you make informed decisions about treatment and lifestyle.

  • Boosting Productivity: I’ll introduce practical strategies for better time management, organization, and prioritization.


When you work with me, you’ll get compassionate, knowledgeable support that empowers you to thrive both personally and professionally. Together, we’ll navigate your ADHD journey, helping you embrace your full potential with confidence and resilience.

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