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Transform Chaos

into Calm with Practical and Sustainable Solutions for Everyday Life

If you are feeling burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed, or chronically stressed? I see you. I understand what you're going through because I've been there too!

Hi, I am Candice 

I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker, ADHD-certified counselor, and I  have ADHD myself. 

I help adults of all ages break free from a cycle of chronic disorganization and feeling overwhelmed, enabling them to make meaningful, lasting changes and lead amazing lives that function with them, not against them.


Having ADHD allows me to approach counselling from a place of empathy, kindness, and deep understanding. It allows me to connect instantly with a client's frustrations and struggles, as well as their hopes for the future.

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Free 15 Minute Connect and Chat

Have questions or just want to chat before booking? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation on our online booking site below. Curious about what a consultation call entails? Visit our Q&A page for more information.

Navigating Life's Challenges: Common Concerns of Past Clients

  • Embracing an ADHD Diagnosis: Whether through an official diagnosis or self-awareness, seeking support to navigate life with ADHD-friendly strategies is a common next step.

  • Curiosity and Self-Discovery: Many wonder if ADHD could explain their challenges and seek answers to better understand themselves, often opting for an assessment.

  • Battling Burnout: Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed is a shared experience; finding ways to regain energy and restore balance in life is a natural response.

  • Need (New) Strategies: When old coping methods no longer suffice, seeking new insights and effective approaches is a proactive step towards personal growth.

  • Coping with Life's Curveballs: From unexpected changes at home or work to personal crises, seeking guidance during tough times is a common and beneficial choice.

  • Parenthood Challenges: Balancing the joys and stresses of raising children is a universal experience; seeking guidance on parenting and self-care is understandable.

  • Navigating Hormonal Shifts: Managing ADHD alongside hormonal changes can be challenging; seeking support offers tools for maintaining mental well-being.

  • Adapting to Health Changes: Whether adjusting to new physical or mental health challenges, seeking assistance is a natural part of self-care and resilience building.

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